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Thursday, March 29, 2012

An interviewer once asked me to describe my "style" when it came to writing.  And I'm often asked about the "messages" I try to convey to readers.  This  might sound strange, but I think it's my job to make you, the reader, uncomfortable.  Whether it's the issue of domestic violence, rape, child molestation, drug addiction, I've been driven as a writer to depict those images, as uncomfortable as they are to write, in ways that forces the reader to pay attention, not because I get off on the shock factor, or the drama, but because these things are a part of life, real life.

So,iIt's one thing to write these types of books, but it's another to create situations in which readers also have to look at a scene from a different perspective, one that they might never have considered before.  In my first novel, "And On The Eighth Day She Rested", not only were readers privy to Ruth's plight as an abused woman, but they also got to see inside her abuser's head, as well.  You probably didn't empathize with Eric, but you were at least given insight into what drove him to do the things he did. 

In "Don't Want No Sugar" readers were introduced to the irrational thought processes of the crazy mid-wife, Roberta, and were given insight to the situations in that woman's life that helped form the foundation of the woman she ultimately became. 

In "That Devil's No Friend of Mine", I gave you a chance to experience the temptation and heartache of a recovering heroine addict in Rayne, and even shared her experience with you of what it was like for her to "fall off the wagon" and lose herself again in those old habits.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, my next book, follows suit to my pervious books, in that the story isn't always pretty, and you will be faced with attitudes and personalities that make you uncomfortable.  A teenage girl is convicted of murder and is forced to survive twenty-five years in a federal prison.   How does she manage to do it?  A former law enforcement officer is finally exposed for heinous crimes committed against humanity.   A court official has been hiding a terrible secret, until the truth finally catches up with him.  And a woman who is a prisoner of her memories, is tortured by one memory that she refuses to believe to be true.

 The only messages I ever try to convey in any of my books is to ask that you open your mind and your hearts, and really consider an idea or opinion or a choice, or even a lifestyle aside from your own.  So, in answer to the question "What is my writing style?", I'd have to say, confrontational and not necessarily pretty, but always, real.

Finally, on a happier note:  I really am an optimistic, well adjusted, and positive individual.

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